Our Services

A summary of our services is listed below. More detailed information can be found by following the heading links or by contacting us directly.

1) Appointment as RPA

•  Provision of RPA advice to organisations using sources of ionising radiation in the workplace to ensure safe-use and ongoing regulatory compliance (click here to see summary of current UK legislation).

2) EPR / RSA applications

•  In England and Wales - application to the EA

•  In Wales - application to NRW

•  In Scotland - application to SEPA

•  In Northern Ireland - application to Northern Ireland Environment Agency

3) HSE IRR2017 applications

•  IRR17 came into force on 1st January 2018 and requires all organisations previously registered under IRR99 to apply to the HSE to notify, register or seek consent for all non-exempt ionising radiation practices

•  The deadline for successfully completing these applications is 6th February 2018

•  We are assisting current clients through this process

•  If your organisation is planning to start work with ionising radiation (on a non-nuclear site) then you will also need to apply to the HSE

Please contact us for advice on how to complete this process and which category / categories your work falls into.

4) Radiological risk assessment

•  assistance and advice to ensure compliance with Reg. 8 of IRR17

•  we assist clients in completing prior radiation risk assessments and also periodically review these  

• our main input into RRA is assessing whole body, skin, extremity and eye lens doses, data from these dose assessments is essential to IRR17 consent applications and in determining appropriate area designation  

5) Training - on-site, tailored to your company's radioactivity use

• our courses run for short end-user training and refresher courses up to full training for Radiation Protection Supervisors

• we also run practical contingency plan training / rehearsal training courses (Reg. 13 IRR17), these can be as part of RPS / end user courses or as standalone practical sessions

6) Testing of contamination monitors (Reg. 20(3) IRR17)

• service performed on-site

• testing method compliant with NPL Guidance 'The Examination, Testing & Calibration of Portable Radiation Protection Instruments Measurement Good Practice' [Guide No. 30]

7) Calibration of dose rate monitors (Reg. 20(3), IRR17)

8) Radiological surveys

•  Buildings, laboratories and contaminated land

9) Contamination leak checks of sealed sources

•  As required biennially (Reg. 28(3), IRR17)



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