Radiation Safety Training on Site

IRR17 : RPS and radiation user courses with practical training

After more than 15 years running radiation safety training courses for a huge range of radiation users, we stongly believe that on site tailored courses are the most effective way of RPS and user training. The majority of our radiation safety training courses are therefore run on site.

We offer separate site based radiation training courses for users of:

  • unsealed (open) sources,
  • sealed (closed) and x-ray sources.

The advantages of site training over residential are clear:

  • Site courses provide minimum disruption to your work routines
  • Site courses can be exclusively tailored to your radiation requirement's
  • Site courses can include practical training exercises in your radiaiton work areas.

We will run a site course for as few as two attendees and because our rates are extremely competitive a site source is likely to be the most cost effective option if your organisation has more than one person that needs radiation safety training.

As we are on site we can use direct access to radiation laboratories, x-ray machines and / or sealed sources to run practical training exercises. Examples of exercises included in recent one day site courses include:

  • radioactive spill simulation,
  • personal contamination simulation
  • radiation and contamination monitoring training,
  • practical assessment of radiation doses.

These lively practical sessions are very popular because they provide directly relevant training on risks, contingencies and monitoring methods in fun exercises that involve everyone.

Our range of sites courses aim to suit the training requirement's of most organisations and broadly fall into three categories:

  • ½ - 1 day refresher training for existing radiation workers,
  • 1 day new user training,
  • 1-3 day RPS training.

Please phone or email us to discuss your training requirements and to obtain a no obligation quotation and draft programme.

IRR17:  Contingency plan training

Reg 13(2)c requires that companies, where appropriate, rehearse contingency plans for dealing with reasonably foreseeable incident/s involving sources of ionising radiation.

We offer site specific contingency plan training exercises e.g. simulating laboratory / environmental spills, damaged or lost sources, or alternatively can simply advise on an appropriate exercise for your own in-house training.

To discuss your training requirements please phone or email us info@peakrpa.com.


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